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Ambassador Sponsor Partnership Agreement


SPONSOR agrees to purchase from the Conway Medical Center Golf Classic the Ambassador Sponsor Package(s) specified on this website and referred to in the Sponsor Sales Brochure. The Sponsor Agreement requires that the balance of the Sponsor Package be paid on or before May 1st.

SPONSOR shall be entitled to all tickets, gifts and privileges specified as part of the Ambassador Sponsor Package(s) de­scribed herein which represents the complete agreement between the SPONSOR and TOURNAMENT. Any additions, changes or modifications to this agreement must be made in writing by both parties.

SPONSOR also expressly recognizes the TOURNAMENT is subject to being shortened or cancelled due to weather conditions. Should this occur, the special events will be held and all participants shall receive their gift packages. SPONSOR is not entitled to any refunds or return of money in such an event.

Finally, the SPONSOR agrees that the person(s) who use SPONSOR’S tickets and/or other privileges contained in the Sponsor Package(s) described herein assume risk of suffering personal injury or property damage result­ing from being struck by a golf ball, golf club, or because of other hazards or acts of nature reasonably asso­ciated with the attendance at a golf tournament. SPONSOR further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Conway Medical Center Golf Classic, Pine Lakes Country Club, Grande Dunes Resort Golf Club, tournament sponsors, participating players, and all agents thereof for any claims or lawsuits brought against such persons and/or entities and their employees and agents for such personal injury or property damage.

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