Together We Can Fill the Van!


Together We Can Fill the Van came about because the total funding for this year’s Smart Snacks program is projected to be at least $59,500, an average of $1,600 per week. Of this total cost almost $10,000 is spent on Capri Sun ALONE! So we decided to ask the community to help offset the 20% portion of the food expense that is spent on Capri Sun. Each week the food and Capri Sun are bought and delivered to the schools in the CMC Healthreach Van. The van is completely filled with these snacks and drinks, so why not try to fill the van up with Capri Sun and use it all throughout the school year. With the extra money 126 more children could be fed each week during the school year. 

During the drive weeks there were several ways in which people could donate. 

Drop off Capri Sun boxes at the CMC front visitors lobby,  at any of the Smart Snacks schools, Waccamaw, Conway, Midland and Homewood Elementary. or at the reception area of any Conway Physician Group Office. There are 19 offices at which you can drop off.  Find a full listing here.  If you would like your business to be a drop off location, contact the CMC Foundation office for flyers and at the end of the drive we will come pick up any boxes you have collected!

Last year we were able to collect 1,606 cases of Capri Sun, that's over 16,000 drink pouches! We had a competition with departments at the hospital.  Through this our top three departments was in first place, the Laboratory with 263 cases, followed by Conway Physician's Group with 249 cases and then Environmental Services with 117.  We also received hundreds of cases from several local businesses and groups including Goldfinch Funeral Home, Horry Electric W.I.R.E. Group, Midland Elementary and Waccamaw Elementary.

CMC Laboratory Capri Sun Drive Midland Elementary Capri Sun

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