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Healing Tributes

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A Tribute Etched in Love & Compassion

Dealing with cancer can be exhausting and expensive. Even with health insurance and personal savings, families feel the financial strain of cancer treatment. The CMC Foundation is dedicated to providing relief from the many burdens created by a cancer diagnosis and you can help our mission. 


The CMC Foundation and the caring employees at the CMC Cancer Center envisioned an outdoor space for meditative thought and reflection for patients and their families. Nestled by the entrance of the building, our patio invites guests to take a moment of respite and relaxation.


The newly constructed patio offers a haven outside the walls of the CMC Cancer Center for a moment of respite and a breath of fresh air. Each one of its beautiful bricks and pavers represents an opportunity for you to help us continue our mission of offering supportive services for families facing cancer.

Sponsor a commemorative brick or paver to create a healing tribute to a loved one or to celebrate your accomplishments and service to your community.

100% of the proceeds raised from your tribute will directly affect the lives of our cancer patients.

Tribute Pavers_Final
Angela Williford- Small Paver
Coastal Carolina National Bank- Medium Paver
Von Herrmann Law Firm-Large Paver

Your Healing Tribute

Your gift makes a difference.  Purchase a commemorative brick or paver to directly help provide life-saving services and life-changing assistance to our cancer patients.