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Host a Fundraiser for the CMC Foundation

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The Power of Community Means that Together, We Can Achieve More!

In a world where every act of kindness counts, holding your own fundraiser for our foundation is a powerful way to make a difference. By rallying your community, you can raise funds and awareness for our causes, supporting our mission to promote healthcare and improve the lives of those right here in Horry County.  Whether you’re an individual, a group, or a business, there are countless opportunities to come together and contribute to our shared goal. We’ve put together a variety of creative and effective ways to help you hold your own, unique fundraiser for the CMC Foundation.

Planning Your Fundraiser

Holding your own fundraiser for the CMC Foundation is an impactful way to contribute to our cause and make a difference in people’s lives. To ensure the success of your fundraiser, proper planning and organization is essential. Here are some key steps to consider when planning your first fundraiser:

Set Clear Goals

Before diving into the details of your fundraiser, it’s important to set clear and measurable goals. Ask yourself what you hope to achieve through your fundraiser. Is it a specific fundraising target? Is it a certain number of participants or attendees? Defining your goals will help guide your planning process and enable you to track your progress along the way.

Choose your Cause

The success of your fundraiser largely depends on choosing the right cause. Maybe it’s something that speaks to you or interests you like continuing education or helping kids and the underserved.  Maybe there is a person in your family who has been affected by an illness or cancer.  Or maybe you just want to help Conway Medical Center, your community hospital, bring new innovative technology and service to our community.  Choose a cause that resonates with you and aligns with our foundation’s mission.

Some of the CMC Foundation’s Funds are:

Create a Budget

To ensure financial success, create a budget for your fundraiser. Outline all potential expenses, such as venue rentals, marketing materials, and supplies. Simultaneously, identify potential sources of revenue, including ticket sales, donations, and sponsorships. By carefully managing your budget, you can maximize your fundraising efforts and make the most of every dollar raised.

Assemble a Team

Fundraising is a team effort. Assemble a dedicated team of volunteers who share your passion and can contribute their time and skills to help make your fundraiser a success. Assign specific roles and responsibilities to each team member, such as event coordination, marketing, logistics, and donor relations. A strong team will not only lighten the workload but also bring diverse perspectives and ideas to the table.

Promote Your Fundraiser

To attract participants and donors, it’s crucial to effectively promote your fundraiser. Utilize various marketing channels, such as social media, email campaigns, local newspapers, and community bulletin boards. Create compelling messaging that highlights the importance of your cause and the impact of your fundraiser. Leverage the power of storytelling to engage your audience and inspire them to get involved.

Fundraising Ideas


Fundraising Ideas for Individuals

Individuals have the power to make a significant impact on the lives of our patients and the growth of our services to the community. Here are some fundraising ideas that you can consider implementing:

Virtual Challenges and Campaigns

In the digital age, virtual challenges and campaigns have become increasingly popular. Whether it’s a virtual run, a fitness challenge, or a social media campaign, these initiatives allow you and your contacts to raise funds and awareness from the comfort of your own homes. You can create a personal fundraising page and share your progress with friends, family, and colleagues, encouraging them to donate and support a CMC Foundation cause.

Personal Milestone Celebrations

Personal milestone celebrations, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or graduations, provide an excellent opportunity for you to turn your special day into a fundraising effort. Instead of receiving traditional gifts, you can request that your friends and loved ones make a donation to our foundation. This not only supports our cause but also allows you to share your commitment to making a difference with your constituents.

Online Auctions and Raffles

Online auctions and raffles are exciting ways to engage people and raise funds. You can donate items or services for auction or raffle, and others can bid on or purchase tickets for a chance to win. This fundraising idea not only generates revenue but also allows you to showcase your talents or contribute unique items to support your cause of choice.

Social Media Fundraising

Social media is a powerful tool and a great place to launch your own fundraising campaign using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. With the help of online fundraising tools, you can create personalized campaigns, share your stories, and encourage your social media followers to donate. Social media fundraising allows you to tap into your existing networks and expand your reach, making a significant impact on your fundraising goals for the CMC Foundation.


Fundraising Ideas for Groups and Organizations

Groups and organizations have the ability to mobilize and make a collective impact.  With built-in manpower and creative energy, the sky is the limit for what you are capable of doing for the CMC Foundation and all that we support. Here are some fundraising ideas for groups and organizations:

Community Events and Festivals

Organizing a community event or festival is an excellent way to bring people together and raise funds for the CMC Foundation. Consider hosting a charity walk, a music festival, or a cultural fair. These events not only provide opportunities for individuals to donate but also create a sense of community and celebration. Engage local businesses and community members to participate or sponsor the event, amplifying your impact and reach.

Charity Walks, Runs, and Bike Rides

Charity walks, runs, and bike rides are classic fundraising ideas that never go out of style. Organize a sponsored walkathon, a marathon, or a cycling event, inviting individuals to participate and raise funds through personal fundraising pages. These events promote physical fitness, community engagement, and a shared commitment to our cause.  We love mobilizing the employees at CMC to participate in these in our Employee Wellness efforts too!

Dinner Galas and Benefit Concerts

Dinner galas and benefit concerts are elegant and memorable fundraising events. Host a gala dinner with live entertainment, silent auctions, and inspiring speeches. Alternatively, organize a benefit concert featuring local musicians or bands. These events provide an opportunity for individuals and organizations to come together, enjoy a night of entertainment, and make a significant contribution to the Foundation.


Fundraising Ideas for Businesses

Businesses have the unique ability to leverage their resources, networks, and customer base to support fundraising efforts. Here are some fundraising ideas for businesses:

Cause-Related Marketing Campaigns

Cause-related marketing campaigns align your business with our foundation’s various initiatives. Develop a marketing campaign that highlights how a portion of your sales or profits will be donated to support our our Foundation or one of its specific causes. This not only raises funds but also enhances your brand image and attracts socially conscious consumers. Communicate the impact of each purchase to your customers, emphasizing the difference they are making by choosing your products or services.

Product Sales and Donations

Product sales and donations provide a straightforward way for businesses to raise funds. Designate a specific product or service where a portion of the proceeds will be donated to our foundation. This can be a limited-time offer or an ongoing commitment. By promoting these products or services to your customer base, you can encourage sales while simultaneously supporting our cause.

Employee Engagement and Matching Programs

Engaging employees in fundraising efforts can foster a sense of community and purpose within your organization. Encourage employees to participate in fundraising events or create personal fundraising pages for your business. Consider implementing a matching program where the company matches employee donations, doubling the impact of their contributions. These initiatives demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility and provide opportunities for team-building and employee satisfaction.

Charity Auctions 

Hosting a charity auction is a high-impact way for your business to raise funds and gain visibility. Donate products, services, or unique experiences for auction gaining brand recognition and exposure. This is a way to support a cause that means something to you while also providing an opportunity to showcase your offerings to a captive audience. Engage your employees and customers by inviting them to participate amplifying the potential impact.

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The CMC Foundation is fortunate that you have chosen to use your time, energy, and talent to help raise funds to support our mission and we want your fundraising event to be successful and enjoyable.

Fundraising Tips and Best Practices

We appreciate your enthusiastic support. When individuals, groups, clubs, organizations, or businesses reach out to their networks/customers on behalf of our community we all WIN. Thank you for your interest in making The CMC Foundation the beneficiary of your fundraising efforts. To maximize the success of your fundraiser, consider these tips and best practices:

Utilize Online Fundraising Platforms

Online fundraising platforms provide a convenient and secure way to collect donations and manage your fundraising efforts. Choose a platform that aligns with your needs and offers features such as customizable fundraising pages, donor management tools, and seamless payment processing. These platforms streamline the donation process, making it easier for individuals, groups, and businesses to support our cause.

Practice the Fundraising Event:

While you probably won’t need a full run-through of your event, it is essential that everyone who is working the event know, ahead of time, what their responsibilities are, where they should be during the event, and how the event is going to “flow.” If you are having a large or unusual event, the key event staff may want to have a practice run to make sure that your operation is running smoothly.

If you are hosting a virtual event or if electronics play a role in your event, you need to do a dry run with the key people on the equipment they will be using during the event. If you are using any special tools to auction items, count donations as they come in, use a chat feature, you will need to have a few people participate as guests will from different types of devices. If you run into any problems, document the solutions ahead of time and post a troubleshooting link for guests and staff.

Harness the Power of Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for spreading the word about your fundraiser. Create engaging content, such as videos, photos, and personal stories, to connect with your audience. Leverage hashtags, tagging, and sharing features to amplify your message and reach a wider audience. Engage with your supporters, respond to comments, and express gratitude for their contributions. Social media allows you to foster a sense of community and build relationships with your donors.

Engage your Community and Networks

Engaging your community and networks is essential for the success of your fundraiser. Reach out to friends, family, colleagues, clubs, and local businesses, inviting them to participate, donate, or promote your fundraising efforts. Personalize your communication by sharing why our cause is important to you and how their contribution will make a difference. Utilize email campaigns, personal messages, phone calls, and in-person meetings to connect with potential supporters.

Express Gratitude and Provide Updates

One of the most oft heard complaints from contributors to charitable fundraising events is, “They never even said ‘thank you.’” Ditto for your event volunteers. Expressing gratitude is crucial for maintaining donor relationships and fostering long-term support. Thank your donors and your volunteers promptly and personally, acknowledging their contribution and the impact they will have on our cause. Provide regular updates on how the funds are being used, sharing success stories, milestones, and impact metrics. Transparency and gratitude build trust and inspire continued support.

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Sincerely, Thank You!

We cannot thank you enough your enthusiastic your efforts to support the CMC Foundation and all of the people that this organization helps. You are making a significant impact on your community and the ability of Conway Medical Center to create happier, healthier lives within it.  We are privileged to partner with you as, TOGETHER, we spread the compassion and care of this organization on to those who need it the most. Thank you!