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Cardiac Care Fund

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Heart disease is the #1 cause of death for men and women in South Carolina and the U.S.

People who are diagnosed with heart disease and a variety of other cardiac conditions face tremendous physical, emotional, and financial challenges. To help ease these burdens, the CMC Foundation established a Cardiac Care Fund. Gifts in any amount to this fund make a positive, practical, difference in the lives of individual patients dealing with heart conditions.

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Our mission is to provide exceptional Cardiac Care and groundbreaking treatments to our community.

  • Approximately every 40 seconds, an American will have a heart attack.
  • 52,000 South Carolinians spent nearly $5 billion on hospitalizations related to heart disease in 2021.

  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death for Black women in South Carolina.
  • In South Carolina, 422,600 adults have been told by a health professional that they had angina, a stroke, a heart attack, or coronary heart disease

Growing Access to Cardiac Care and Helping Our Neighbors Suffering with Heart Disease

Give the gift of heart health by contributing to the CMC Foundation’s Cardiac Care Fund. You’ll help your neighbors live longer, healthier lives.

Proceeds from the Cardiac Care Fund are intended to accelerate cardiac care, bring new advanced technologies to our area, support education and causes centered around heart health, and improve survival rates for those with congenital heart disease and other cardiac conditions.

Costly treatment for heart conditions can strain a family’s finances—especially when the expense is unexpected, like after a heart attack. Our Cardiac Care Fund benefits patients who need assistance paying for heart and vascular care in Horry County, where heart disease is the leading cause of death.

Your donation may cover:

  • Gas for transportation to medical appointments
  • Lifesaving heart devices
  • Medications
  • Advancing our Cardiac Care capabilities and technology
  • Heart disease prevention
  • And More

We depend on community and volunteer support through events, programs, and private donations to help our patients and their families as they work through their cardiac issues and to bring new cutting edge services to our area.

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Combating the Cost of Heart Disease

Some of the risk factors for heart disease cannot be controlled, like age and family history. These factors can heighten the risk of heart disease in more specific communities, like women and Black Americans. The reasoning for that is multifactorial and socioeconomic situations and decreased accessibility to healthcare. Knowledge or the lack thereof about heart disease can also have a significant impact. When people don’t understand some of the symptoms or complaints that they have, they may ignore the signs of significant heart disease or struggle with where to start to seek help or preventative services.

Many times, people who aren’t proactive in living a healthy lifestyle, or monitoring their risk regularly with a physician tend to end up in the emergency room for heart-related issues. This is expensive and quite often is a one-time solution to a bigger problem. Making heart-healthy habits a priority can help lower the financial burden and overall risk of heart disease.

Education is a key component in our community outreach initiative.  Prevention is the first step in saving lives.  We are helping our community members live happier, healthier lives through our Cardiac Care Fund initiatives and our Healthreach Program. 

Support the Community You Love


When you give to the CMC Foundation, you are giving to the healthcare system that is here to support you, your family, your neighbors, and our community. A gift today can change a life tomorrow.


Host a Fundraiser

 Holding a fundraiser for our foundation is a powerful way to make a difference.  Together, we can achieve more! 

Share Your Story

By sharing how cardiac and emergency care at Conway Medical Center has helped you, your story can impact others and empower them to support a worthy cause that could make a difference in their lives in the future.