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Patient Care Endowments

CMC Foundation has eight endowments that focus on patient care including helping indigent patients, paying for diabetes and mammography services, patient safety and to help improve the overall health of our community.

The Clayton Family Endowment – Mr. and Mrs. Philip Clayton established the Clayton Family Endowment in 2011 to ensure excellence in patient care.

The Conway Medical Center Board of Trustees Endowment – Established in 2007 by the Conway Medical Center Board of Trustees, the Board of Trustees recognizes that patient safety is central to quality health care as reflected in the Hippocratic Oath, “Above all, do no harm.”  The fund shall be used to promote patient safety within Conway Medical Center.

The Diane W. Dale Endowment – Established by Mr. Jerry Dale in honor of his wife, gifts to this endowment will help provide support for those requiring mammograms and associated examinations with no means to pay for the services.

The Dr. & Mrs. J.D.  Gilland Endowment – Dr. and Mrs. John deSaussure Gilland established the Gilland Endowment with Conway Medical Center Foundation in 1997.  Gifts made to the Gilland Endowment will be used in perpetuity to improve the health care for members of our community.

The Dr. & Mrs. William R. Griffin Family Endowment – Established in 2008 by Mr. Robert R. Griffin, Jr. in honor of his parents, Dr. and Mrs. William R. Griffin. Gifts to this endowment are used to enhance the level of healthcare given to patients at Conway Medical Center.

The Buff Tanner Massey Memorial Endowment – In 2004, Mr. John Massey established the Buff Tanner Massey Memorial Endowment.  Mrs. Massey suffered with diabetes for many years prior to her death in September 2004.  Gifts to this endowment will assist Conway Medical Center in providing diabetic education for persons in our area who suffer with the disease.

Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Proctor Endowment – Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Proctor established the Proctor Endowment in 1997.  The endowment reaffirms their ongoing commitment to improving the overall health of our community.

The Louise Dorsey Strickland Endowment – The Louise Dorsey Strickland Endowment was established in 1998 by Mrs. Louise Dorsey Strickland.  Gifts designated to this endowment are used to provide medical attention to those unable to obtain quality health care in our community.

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