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The Legacy Society Foundation Endowments

For more than 20 years, the Conway Medical Center Foundation has been helping Conway Medical Center bring better health to life for the people of our community. Among its many programs established to achieve this goal, the CMC Foundation has created the Legacy Society, a special group of donors whose gifts offer a stable source of funds for long term support of Conway Medical Center.

Over the years, many generous businesses, organizations, families and individuals with ties to Conway Medical Center, have established endowments through the CMC Foundation in honor or memory of a loved one to support a variety of the Medical Center’s programs and services. Gifts earmarked for a specific endowment are invested and work in perpetuity to support the mission of Conway Medical Center. These special gifts serve as a permanent legacy to create a positive impact on the quality of life and health of our community for generations to come.

Make a Gift


Through the generosity of many families, individuals, businesses and organizations, numerous endowments have been created through the Conway Medical Center Foundation. These endowments will impact the health and well-being of our community for generations to come.  

Many endowments bear the name of the original donors. However, anyone may contribute to any endowment at any time.

Cancer Care Endowments

  • The Delan Stevens Family Endowment
  • The Johnny & Linda Branton Endowment
  • The Godwin Family Endowment
  • The Street Family Endowment

Cardiac Care Endowments

  • The Johnny & Linda Branton Endowment

Children’s Needs Endowments

  • The Conway Medical Center Auxiliary Endowment
  • The Dr. L.B. Courtney Family Endowment
  • The Dr. Paul E. Sasser Memorial Endowment
  • The Mr. and Mrs. Jeff C. Whittington Endowment 

Patient Care

  • The Clayton Family Endowment
  • The Conway  Medical Center Board of Trustees Endowment
  • The Diane W. Dale Endowment
  • The Dr. & Mrs. J.D. Gilland Endowment
  • The Dr. & Mrs. William R. Griffin Family Endowment
  • The Buff Tanner Massey Memorial Endowment
  • The Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Proctor Endowment
  • The Louise Dorsey Strickland Endowment 
  • The Labor and Delivery Endowment 
  • The Sasser – Saunders Endowment
  • The Mier Family Endowment 

Pathology Endowments

  • The Delia Family Endowment
  • The Pathology and Laboratory Endowment 

Scholarship Endowments

  • The Conway Medical Center Auxiliary Scholarship Endowment
  • The Dr. & Mrs. James Moore Marshall M.D. Family Endowment
  • The Margaret Elizabeth “Bessie” Creel Endowment
  • The Lillian Huggins Fowler Endowment
  • The Bonnie Hughes Endowment
  • The Gail H. Moss Endowment
  • The Ray/Watson Endowment

Strategic Initiatives

  • The Argo Family Endowment
  • The Bret Barr Family Endowment
  • The CMC Strategic Initiatives Endowment
  • The CMC Board of Trustees Endowment 
  • The Dessie Wright Endowment
  • The Drs. Raffia and Ellison Smith Endowment 
  • The Harrell Family Endowment
  • The Ted Milford Family Endowment
  • The Monteith Family Endowment
  • The Dr. & Mrs. Paul M. Richardson, Jr. Family Endowment
  • The Williford Family Endowment
  • The Vuppala Family Endowment
  • The Erickson Family Endowment
  • The Mier Family Endowment

Contribute to any of these endowments.

To join this distinguished group of donors and establish your own Legacy, 
or to learn more about each endowment,
please contact the CMC Foundation office at 843-347-8058.