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CMC Smart Snacks

Smart Snacks has been established to provide healthy weekend snacks to kindergarten through fifth grade students, and their siblings, who qualify for the federal subsidized lunch program.  The program serves Horry County South Carolina, including the areas of Conway and Aynor.

In an attempt to combat the problem of inadequate nutrition for Horry County’s school age population, Conway Medical Center’s Healthreach team joined with Horry County Schools to create the “CMC Smart Snacks” program. CMC Smart Snacks provides food during the weekend to kindergarten through fifth grade students and their siblings who qualify for free or reduced school lunch. Each week these children receive nutritious, nonperishable food items such as cereal bars, fruit cups, pretzels, juice boxes, baked chips, pudding cups, cracker or granola bars.

Smart Snacks has been in operation since March of 2005 and has provided almost $500,000 in provisions for children in Horry County.  Smart Snacks currently serves 900 children in four area schools including; Waccamaw Elementary, Conway Elementary, Homewood Elementary and Midland Elementary.  There are currently over 380 students on a waiting list for Smart Snacks.

“I am very thankful that my daughter takes part in this program.  She is happy every Friday afternoon when she gets home from school to show me all the snacks she receives.  This program is very helpful for not only my family but for other families as well.  Please continue with the Smart Snacks program for many years to come.  Once again, thank you and keep up the hard work.”

– Parent of Smart Snacks recipient

“We cannot thank you enough from the bottom of our hearts for the help Smart Snacks have given our children.  Every child participating in the program is in there because of a significant need.  We continuously hear from parents about how grateful they are for Smart Snacks, and teachers see first-hand the impact the program is making. We are a poverty stricken school and we currently have 300 students in Smart Snacks and could easily feed an additional 300 children.

– Assistant Principal, Waccamaw Elementary School

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