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Annual Giving Campaign

Since the early years of CMC Foundation, employees, vendors and volunteers at Conway Medical Center along with members of our community have taken part in the Annual Giving Campaign.  The Annual Giving Campaign is a time when employees can choose to donate any amount from their paycheck back to the Foundation to support various initiatives, programs and endowments. 

During this time, we invite others who have a vested interest in Conway Medical Center and the health of our community to also donate to help fund various projects that will directly effect the health and lives of those living in and around our community.

With the support of Annual Giving donors, our Healthreach programs and preventative health care services are now accessible to even the most isolated areas of our community. Funds also assist with our CMC Smart Snacks program offering assistance to school children who qualify for free lunch during the week, but have no nutrition during the weekends. Monies raised also assist our Healthreach mobile van, our Mobile Mammography Center, scholarships for CMC employees, and many other healthcare initiatives.  

See how your donation can make an impact.

Did you know you can also use PTO to make your donation?

PTO Donation Policy

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The Argo Family Endowment
(Strategic Initiatives)

The Barr Family Endowment
(Strategic Initiatives) 

The Bessie Creel Endowment 
(Prospective CMC Nursing Scholarship Fund) 

The Bonnie Hughes Endowment 
(Nursing Scholarship Fund) 

The Buff Tanner Massey Endowment 
(Diabetes Education & Treatment Fund) 

The Clayton Family Endowment 
(Patient Care)  

 The CMC Auxillary Endowment 
(Children’s Health Initiatives) 

The CMC Auxillary Scholarship Endowment 
(Prospective CMC Nursing Scholarship Fund)

The CMC Board of Trustees Endowment  

The Diane W. Dale Endowment 
(Mammography and Radiology Scholarship Fund) 

The Dr. & Mrs. Edward L. Proctor Endowment 
(Community Health Outreach Initiatives)

The Emma Claire and James Everett
(Chaplaincy Endowment)

The Gail Moss Endowment 
(Nursing Continued Education Fund)

The Dr. & Mrs. J. D. Gilland Endowment 
(Community Health Initiatives)  

The Godwin Family Endowment 
(Cancer Care)

The Harrell Family Endowment
(Strategic Initiatives) 

The Montieth Family Endowment 
(Strategic Initiatives)

The Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Whittington Endowment 
(Health and Well-being of Children Initiative)

Labor & Delivery Endowment 

The Dr. L. B. Courtney family Endowment 
(Pediatric Care)   

 The Lillian Huggins Fowler Endowment 
(Nursing Scholarship Fund) 

 The Louise Dorsey Strickland Endowment 
(Community Health Outreach Initiatives)   

The Pathology and Laboratory Endowment 
(Pathology & Laboratory Services Fund) 

The Dr. & Mrs. Paul M. Richardson, Jr. Family Endowment
(Strategic Initiatives)

The Dr. Paul E. Sasser Memorial Endowment 
(Pediatric Health and Prevention Initiative) 

The Drs. Raffia & Ellison Smith Family Endowment
(Education and Strategic Initiatives)  

The Ray/Watson Endowment 
(Nursing Scholarship Fund)

The Ted Milford Family Endowment 
(Strategic Initiatives)

The Dr. & Mrs. William R. Griffin Endowment 
(Programs of Greatest Need) 

The Williford Family Endowment
(Strategic Initiatives)


The CMC Strategic Initiatives Endowment*
(Strategic Initiatives) 

The Delan Stevens Family Endowment*
(Cancer Care)

The Dessie Wright Endowment* 
(Strategic Initiatives) 

The Erickson Family Endowment*
(Strategic Initiatives)

The Johnny & Linda Branton Endowment* 
(Cancer & Cardiac Care) 

The Mier Family Endowment
(Patient Care & Strategic Initiatives)

The Street Family Endowment*
(Cancer Care)

The Vuppala Family Endowment* 
(Strategic Initiatives)