Getting to know Cynthia Hamilton, NP

Cynthia Hamilton has always loved her jobs in the healthcare field. Her grandfather had a lot of heart issues and spent a lot of time in the hospital. She remembers going and visiting him there as a child and believes that’s when she fell in love with nursing. She worked the first ten years of her career in a Cardiac ICU. After earning her Master’s degree in Nursing and her Nurse Practitioner certification, she decided to move into family medicine and spent the next 20 years working in primary care. She’s been a rural healthcare provider in Aynor at one of CMC’s offices there. As a small town, Aynor is similar to her hometown of Newberry, SC. She says it has been great to see patients she treated as children who are now grown up and married, and she has taken care of their children. Now, she is moving back into cardiac care. She is the newest provider at CMC Cardiology (formerly Waccamaw Cardiology). She says she is excited to once again focus on one aspect of patient care. “I want to be able to spend more time doing education and really be able to focus on one problem.”

Outside of her job, Cynthia loves spending time with her family, her husband, 18-year-old son and 15-year-old daughter. As a family, they love to travel and get away on vacation. She says it is important for them to unplug and spend time together, especially outdoors. As for any other hobbies, she will tell you with a big smile that, “My children and my job have been my life.”

She is excited about the new opportunities that will come along with her new job in cardiology, especially the education aspect of it. “A lot of times it’s not the medications that heal them, it’s really more their lifestyle. So, if you can teach patients how to improve their lifestyles, a lot of medications can be done away with.” When it comes to heart health, she says we all need to make good lifestyle choices. “You’ve got to fix your body, the way you eat, the way you exercise, the way you look at things, so that it all works together.” She believes making those changes could help prevent heart attacks and strokes. As she embarks on this new chapter in her life, she’s excited to find once again that her heart is in cardiology.

To contact Cynthia Hamilton, NP, call CMC Cardiology at (843) 347-8953.