Getting to know Dr. Jason Andersen

When it came to choosing his specialty in medicine, there was never any doubt for Dr. Jason Andersen. He went to medical school planning to be an orthopaedic surgeon, and that is exactly what he did. As a soccer player throughout his childhood and high school years just north of Atlanta, Georgia, he had become a patient of an orthopaedic surgeon there. He respected that surgeon so much that when he was injured as a soccer player at Harvard University, he went back to that physician for surgery despite having Harvard doctors available to him. He says that personal experience with a sports injury helps him relate to his patients. “It was very discouraging to think that this injury in my junior year at Harvard was going to end that season for me, but I was able to have a successful surgery and rehab through it and came back my last year and started and played in every game. I feel like having that experience helps me relate to my patients who are going through that process with me and recovering from surgery. It allows me to speak on a more personal level, especially when it comes to post-operative recovery. Surgery is one thing, but it’s very important to understand what rehab entails. It’s very much a partnership with my patients. We go to the operating room, fix the problem, but then that’s still about half the equation. The next part is rehabbing effectively, taking the necessary precautions, and working hard with physical therapy in most instances.” 

After earning his undergraduate degree in Economics from Harvard, he went to medical school at Temple University in Philadelphia. He then did his residency at Wake Forest and fellowship in Charlotte. Dr. Andersen is a board certified orthopaedic surgeon who was in practice for several years in Georgia prior to moving to the Myrtle Beach area to help start CMC Orthopaedics, a brand new practice at Conway Medical Center. “Whether it’s operating to fix a problem or coming up with a non-operative treatment plan, in both scenarios I really enjoy helping people overcome physical ailments and injuries that are limiting their ability to do the things they enjoy.”

When it comes to what he enjoys, Dr. Andersen says he and his wife love to live a healthy and active lifestyle, whether it is working out in their home gym or heading outside to run or cycle. They also enjoy spending time with their daughters who are almost two and four years old. Dr. Andersen is very excited to be a part of CMC Orthopaedics and hopes he can be as inspirational in sports medicine in this area as his doctor was to him.

You can contact CMC Orthopaedics at (843) 347-8041.