Last-minute healthy gift ideas

There are only a few days left until Christmas and you may be stressing over some last-minute gifts you need to find. We’ve put together some healthy living and wellness gift ideas that your giftee will love and are sure to give a little boost to their mind, body, and spirit as we enter the new year.


Easy gift ideas with a kick of happy and healthy

Sneakers or workout outfits

A new pair of sneakers or a new workout set could be just the motivation your friend or family member needs to get up and get moving. A great pair of sneakers can up a person’s game and there’s tons of athleisure apparel that’s perfect for going to the gym or a yoga class and then running errands or going to brunch afterward. New gear can help boost a person’s desire to get active. Not only that, working out will be easier when they are confident and comfortable.

Air fryer

People love fried food and the convenience of it. If you have someone on your list that loves fried food but who wants to eat better and not realize they are, then get them an air fryer.  These convenient kitchen tools produce crispy fried-like chicken and french fries with little or no added oil.  They make cooking easy and do it more healthily.


Tickets or memberships to outdoor venues or aquariums


There are many presents you can get your giftee that obviously promotes physical activity, but something more subtle you can give would be tickets or a membership to a zoo, Ripley’s Aquarium, Brookgreen Gardens, or a waterpark that the family can go to together.  These kinds of activities will get them up and walking for an extended period. You’ll also be giving them an experience instead of another material gift.

Healthy meal subscription

It can be a struggle finding recipes to make healthy meals and sometimes it’s just hard to find the time to put it all together and cook. If you know that person who is super busy but who also wants to eat better, a meal subscription service like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron would be a perfect gift. They take the hassle out of shopping because everything except your basic pantry items is delivered right to their door. The ingredients are perfectly portioned so no overeating, and most of the recipes take about 30 minutes to prepare. Some subscription services like Daily Harvest and Purple Carrot do smoothies and vegan meals.

Motivational book

Science has proven that happier people make healthier choices. If you have someone in your life that needs help finding their “happy” or inspiration, a self-help book or motivational read could be a great gift. There are so many different types of books and topics that promote a more positive lifestyle, de-stressing, believing in yourself, and taking control of your life. Many motivational and self-help books also include inspirational quotes, short thoughtful stories, as well as pages dedicated to journaling, goal-setting, and writing down thoughts and feelings.


Fitness tracker or watch

Sometimes a person just needs a little motivation and a fitness tracker can help give that boost. Trackers can help a person set goals and remind them to get up and get moving if they are off track. Many trackers go way beyond just keeping up with your steps. They also track sleep, calories burned, lap times, and much more. And nowadays, trackers have sleeker and more elegant designs and have features like Bluetooth to sync their favorite playlists. If your giftee already has a tracker, you could consider getting a new wristband to reinvigorate their motivation.

Donate to the CMC Foundation in honor of them

Last but not least, consider donating to an organization like the CMC Foundation that gives back to your community. If your person has everything they could want or need but you still want to do a little something for the holidays, consider a donation in honor of them. Studies show that giving can boost your physical and mental health. You both will benefit from the knowledge that your support of the CMC Foundation will directly impact a local child with healthy snacks on the weekends and help a person receive a life-saving health screening like a mammogram or colonoscopy. ‘Tis the season to give back and help those who need it most.