CMC Opens New Pharmacy

Conway Medical Center (CMC) announces the opening of The Pharmacy at CMC, an independently owned and operated outpatient retail pharmacy powered by Proxsys Rx.  The Pharmacy at CMC will partner with the hospital to enhance the quality of transitional patient care by providing a broad range of benefits including bedside pharmacy counseling and follow-up pharmacy services to help patients comply with their medication regimens and avoid hospital readmission.  This Meds to Beds program will launch in early October.

“We are excited to partner with the hospital to provide CMC patients with a new level of service,” said Proxsys Rx Chairman and CEO George B. Salem. “By integrating outpatient pharmacy into the continuum of care, we are able to help CMC provide patients with exceptional care while realizing long-term cost savings that go along with reducing readmission rates and improving other key health system strategic indicators,” said Salem. In addition to the retail pharmacy services, Proxsys Rx is providing CMC with a broad scope of services for pharmacy levered population management and pharmacy driven performance programs.

“We are excited about this new partnership with Proxsys RX because it will result in better patient care here and at home,” Bret Barr, president and CEO of CMC, explained. Barr pointed out that a key goal of the Proxsys Rx partnership is to educate patients and prepare them to better understand their prescriptions and self-care once they transition home. Benefits to patients include a pharmacist bedside consult delivered via digital app to explain medications, easier access to medications and discounted pricing.  ” There will be a reduction in hospital readmissions by allowing patients to leave the hospital with 30-90 day supplies of prescriptions in hand, along with options for continued refills to treat chronic disease, and by providing them with a better understanding of what those prescriptions mean for their recovery.

The Pharmacy at CMC is located in the main lobby of the medical center.  It is open to the public, offering outpatient retail pharmacy services including easy prescription refills and transfers, over-the-counter drug options, and boutique gift items.