Conway Medical Center to open CMC Cancer Center affiliated with Duke Health

Conway Medical Center is making giant strides toward enhancing its cancer care program through a new affiliation and the upcoming opening of a new state-of-the-art cancer center.

Set to open September 16, 2019, the CMC Cancer Center will include infusion services for patients in need of chemotherapy, intravenous medications and other blood products. Equipped to offer the latest technologies in a single convenient location, the CMC Cancer Center will provide blood and platelet transfusions, blood draws, hydration therapy, injections, oral chemotherapy, as well as traditional intravenous chemotherapy infusions. The space will feature a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere for patients who may be receiving treatment at the center frequently for many hours at a time.

To assist with the expansion of CMC’s oncology services, the medical center has become a Duke Health affiliate in cancer, providing CMC access to the most current training and staff education when it comes to cancer and cancer-related health issues. “What is especially important about this and what I take a great amount of pride in is that these patients will have peace of mind knowing that Duke Health, which includes one of the top hospitals in the country for cancer care, will be collaborating with the clinical teams treating our patients locally. Duke will provide the education, training, and oversight to our oncology staff, our pharmacy staff, the nurses, and everyone else who is going to be providing care to those patients. We are excited to have that service as a Duke Health affiliate in cancer,” said Bret Barr, CMC CEO. CMC will also have access to Duke Health best practices and clinical trials in oncology.

As the relationship progresses, CMC’s goal is to further enhance its service offerings to allow patients to receive care locally, close to family and friends.  CMC’s access to Duke Health resources will be invaluable in maintaining and expanding upon the excellent quality of care the medical center provides to Horry County and the surrounding areas.

CMC has also invested in bringing a specially-trained oncologist to our community. Heading up the CMC Cancer Center is Dr. Najla Itani who specializes in Oncology and Hematology. Inspired by a strong desire to serve the oncology patient population in a community setting, Dr. Itani is passionate about connecting with people and getting to know the real person behind the disease.  “I strongly believe that building a strong physician-patient connection that is founded in trust is at the core of excellent patient care. I want my patients to feel that we are an extension of their family and will care for them in both the best and worst of times.”

Dr. Itani’s drive to make a difference in the lives of her patients and to work in underserved areas makes her a perfect addition to CMC’s Oncology program.  “My patients will always come first, and I will do my best to provide the best care possible for each patient, no matter how difficult that may be.”